” Nateseka sana, Nimekuwa Nikilala Njaa” Stivo Simple Boy Cries Out For Help.

Stivo Simple Boy Cries Out For Help

One of the most famous and talented singer, Stivo Simple Boy caused stir online, after he decided to publicly reveal how his management , under the leadership of Vaaga, has been mistreating him. He has been used, and he has like a business to his management.

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Despite being a very famous artist, whom Kenyans expect to be living a very lavish lifestyle, because he has had several hitsongs, Simpleboy, is still battling with poverty.

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Speaking in an interview with online media, Simple Boy said that , at first things seemed to be going well, but after that Vaaga and the team started subjecting him to torture. They used to negotiate for his shows, and they were not involving him in the negotiations.

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The management only used to pay him ksh.30,000 per month. This is underpayment because, you may find that in a month Stivo has performed more than four times, and his rate card is not less than ksh.100,000. So the rest of the money is taken by the management.

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Stivo said that he has been struggling with life, and even sometimes he has been sleeping hungry. He said that it has been a while since he performed on a show, and it is because of his manager.

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The wife to Stivo , went on and revealed that, the manager has also Bank pin of Simple Boy, he access his personal money and savings. This is supposed to be private , but the manager is all over him, he controls him as he mistreats him.

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He said that Stivo has been fearing to expose his management, and he has just remained silent as they battle with poverty. He always wear a smiling face, but deep down, he is a famous broke person. He has made his management richer than him.

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All his social media accounts are controlled by his manager, meaning that he has no any privacy. The manager has been into personal things of Stivo and he has been always tracing his moves, meaning that Stivo can’t go to any place , without asking permission from him.

Click the link below to watch full video on YouTube.

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