” He Paid Zuchu 100K Ndio Wapige Picha na Yeye” Sammy Boy Blasted.

Sammy Boy blasted by Dimanmkare

Kenyan forex millionaire and upcoming musician , Sammy Boy has found himself in a hot soup, after Fashionista and the CEO of Obinja Tv, Dimanmkare decided to expose him for trying very had to become a celebrity by forcing things.

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Speaking in an interview with SPM Buzz, Dimanmkare said that Sammy Boy is just a struggling musician who is out here forcing things. This comes after the young forex trader decided to become a musician, and he was spotted hanging out with Zuchu.

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Mkare was questioned about the spiking story of Sammy Boy dating Zuchu. His response was very savage. He said that , there is nothing like that, he is aware that Sammy Boy paid Zuchu some money to take a photo and a video with her. According to Mkare, it is alleged that he paid Zuchu a sum of ksh.100,000 , because the video and the photo was meant for clout chasing.

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Dimanmkare went on and mocked the singing style of Sammy Boy, he said that his sound is not for music, he is just forcing things and trying to become a celebrity in a niche that he has no talent. He adviced him to just stick to trading and stop making kenyan music industry to look like a crap, with his songs that don’t make any sense.

Click the link below to watch full video on YouTube.

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