Andrew Kibe: Nitakula Mungai Eve na Nilipe Boyfriend Yake.

Andrew Kibe vs Mungai Eve

One of the most controversial content creator and YouTuber Andrew Kibe is again back on the trends After his controversial video  back then in 2023 resurfaced, saying controversial statements. Kibe decided to hit out at Mungai Eve and her boyfriend director Trevor, and went on to made some nasty statements.

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Speaking via his live session on YouTube, Andrew Kibe was basically talking , what might happen if he returns to Kenya. He went ahead and mentioned people he has beef with, and how they will react if he comes back in Kenya.

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Among the people who are having a very nasty beef with Kibe is Mungai Eve and her boyfriend Director Trevor. Infact Mungai Eve blocked Andrew Kibe on all her social media platforms. The main reason she did that is because of how Kibe was used to insulting her and her boyfriend Trevor.

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Kibe said that he is sure that Director Trevor and Mungai Eve will be among the people who will come to interview him. He said that his first reaction when he meets Mungai Eve’s boyfriend is that , he will have an eye contact with him, and ask him to beat him, because he is on record saying that he is planning on how he will beat Kibe when he lands in Kenya.

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Kibe went on and said that , he knows Trevor will tense, so what he will do is that he will give him some money as just pocket money, and go ahead to get intimate with his girlfriend Mungai Eve.

Kibe said the statement in a vulgar way. He said that he isn’t joking because he always means his words. That will only happen if he decides to come back to Kenya, meanwhile, he is still residing in USA for unknown period.

Click the link below to watch full video on YouTube.

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