Yesu Wa Tongaren: Polisi Walinilinda Kwa Heshima Kama Yesu.

Yesu wa Tongaren praises the police officers for treating him well.

The self proclaimed Jesus from Bungoma Tongaren, Eliud Wekesa, was released from the police station, where he had been held for about 5 days, to allow the police officers to conclude with the investigations and find a case to file before him.

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However after concluding the investigations, the police officers didn’t find any evidence to prosecute him. The court therefore freed him with no charges, and he was just allowed to continue with his ministry.

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Speaking in an interview with media, Yesu wa Tongaren said that while under bars, the police officers showed him total respect, none of them disrespected him. He was treated well like the real Jesus Christ, and even some of the police officers gave him some money.

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Yesu wa Tongaren said that him being arrested and put behind bars, is a fulfillment of the scriptures prophecies, he also said that he had had a vision himself that he will be arrested and later be released.

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He went ahead and told the press that he was sure that his lawyers whom he said were moon and sun will come for his rescue. This happened inform of presidential candidate and lawyer Wajackoya who went to the court to defend him.

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The cult leader didn’t hide his happiness, and went on and urged Kenyans to also support him financially, especially the media people who have been monetizing his content. He urged them to atleast buy him a gas and whenever they collect content from him , they should be giving him an upkeep.

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