Meet Trending Kenyan Couple, Sam and Kemmy

The trending kenyan couple Sam and Kemmy caused stir online, after videos of them having some good times as they vibe to songs as a couple went viral online.

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The two caused mixed reactions online, because netizens have been really finding it difficult to distinguish between them who is the wife and who is the husband. Yes they are a husband and wife, Sam is the husband while Kemmy is the wife, however according to appearances, most kenyans got confused and thought that they were both men.

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The other thing that makes it difficult to distinguish is that Kemmy unlike majority of the ladies, she is just a simple girl, with a short hair that has no complexity, just like a good number of boys do prefer to keep it.

Here are some of the photos that might help you to distinguish the two.

Sam and Kemmy
Sam and Kemmy

Here is a video of Sam and Kemmy having some good time, as they sing along music.

They seem to be an SDA couple, they haven’t revealed much about themselves, however in a span of 1 week they have been able to gain over 20k followers on Tiktok.

They are slowly becoming a huge brand, and indeed in the coming months and years they will be at the limelight. Alm the best Sam and Kemmy.

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