” Wivu Itakumaliza” Nyako Exposed For Being Jealous Of The Trending Nanny Rossie.

One of the most famous and controversial kenyan celebrity and tiktoker who is currently based in Germany, Pilot Nyako exposed badly for being jealous on the trending Nanny Rossie.

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Since Rossie went viral, Nyako has been hitting out at her, calling her useless, and using vulgar language to insult her. Nyako said that Rossie was being used by her employers, and those sympathy tears were just to cover up everything.

She said that the fame Rossie has gained won’t help her anywhere, she will be back to her suffering ways. Nyako said that the Nanny could have even opened a channel so that she can get money from her trending stories. She said all sort of things about her.

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Amapiano superstar , Cartoon 47 came out strongly to defend Rossie, he said that Nyako is jealous because Rossie surpassed her with tiktok followers and she took over the trending wave on Tiktok that usually belongs to her.

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He urged Nyako to stop being jealous, and accept that Rossie is now more famous than her. She is also trending in a good way. Cartoon said it is time to shut Nyako down, she is a jealous woman and she doesn’t like seeing people succeed. Those were the words of Cartoon 47, he said that Rossie will eventually become a big brand in Kenya and she will be successful.

Click the link below to watch full video on YouTube.

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