Andrew Kibe Opens up on his relationship with Kamene Goro

Andrew Kibe reveals why him and Kamene parted ways.


One of the most controversial content creator, Andrew Kibe, has decided to open up, on his relationship with the famous media personality and Kiss fm radio presenter Kamene Goro.

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Speaking in an interview with Commentator, Kibe who is in USA , decided to make things clear. While the two were working together, they were very good friends and even sometimes, people thought that the two were dating. However in real sense they were not dating.

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Kibe said that his relationship with Kamene Goro was just a work relationship, because they were working together. He said job was the one that brought them together and made their chemistry to match very well.

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However after they stopped working together, everything faded and they even had nothing to talk about or to bring them together. Kibe concluded by saying that currently they don’t even talk to each other. The main reason is that they ended their friendship when they stopped working together.

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In one of the viral videos, Kamene revealed that her and Kibe don’t talk and they are not friends anymore. She however didn’t reveal what happened to their friendship and what made them part ways as close friends.

Click here to watch full video on YouTube.

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