Meet Judith Wanjiru, Nairobi Uber Driver Who Makes Ksh.7000 Daily.

Story of Judith Wanjiru

Judith Wanjiru is among the hardworking ladies who are reaping huge from uber job. The middle aged woman who is a single mother, decided to narrate how she has been making millions of money using her uber.

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Judith Wanjiru said that she started hustling as a car seller in Mombasa, however things went left and decided to relocate to Nairobi. While in Mombasa , Judith used to do taxi as her side hustle and she saw it was very beneficial.

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Speaking in an interview with Explore TV, Judith Wanjiru said that when she relocated to Nairobi she had nothing to do, hence she decided to look for some small amount of money, that is around ksh.300,000. She went and took a car on loan and she started doing uber job.

As a taxi driver she decided to empress discipline and this has made her benefit more from her job. She said that despite having alot of challenge and high influx in uber business, she has managed to be outstanding and gained alot.

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Judith Wanjiru is among the few uber drivers who are really making alot of money from the company. She said that everyday she is sure of making ksh. 7000. That is the money she gets daily, the least she gets is ksh.5000, that is on a bad day, and it rarely happens.

Due to her discipline and being a professional, she has secured alot of customers who trust her, and this has made her increase her monthly income.
Wanjiru makes about ksh.217,000 per month, out of this money, she is only required to pay ksh.34,000 to the company that gave her a car on loan. The other money is for maintenance, savings , paying bills and personal use.

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Judith said that it is easier for a person to be a millionaire in the Uber business. As a driver you just need to be a professional, discipline and make sure that you satisfy your customers.

She urged women to stop listening to what other people say, they should just go learn driving, join saccos, they will be given cars on loans and this will be the starting point of their journey to success.
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