“Anafanana Mtoto Wa President Wa Nigeria” Kenyans Bash Stevo Simple Boy .

Kenyans Bash Stevo Simple Boy

One of the most famous and controversial kenyan celebrity Stivo Simple Boy , has again found himself on the wrong side of Kenyans on Instagram. This is after he claimed that he once died and resurrected.

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In an interview with Trudy Kitui, Stivo Simple decided that he will continue to be trending online, he confidently said that, when he was young he once died and by grace of God he resurrected.

"Anafanana Mtoto Wa President Wa Nigeria" Kenyans Bash Stevo Simple Boy .
“Anafanana Mtoto Wa President Wa Nigeria” Kenyans Bash Stevo Simple Boy .

However his sentiments came at the wrong time, when Kenya and Nigeria are having an online war. Kenyans on Instagram decided to compare Simple Boy to the president of Nigeria as they compare him to the president of Nigeria.

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This is not the first time Simple Boy has faced backlash online , especially concerning his looks. He however said that he doesn’t care how people insult him, he is just a human like other people, hence they should try to be kind to him.

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However in most cases Stevo just decides to choose violence. He always says controversial statements online that attract critics, and he loves it that way because it makes him go viral and trend online.

Here are the screenshots of some of the comments from Kenyan on Instagram.

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