Zari Hassan: Nilidhani Nitaoa Mwanaume Tajiri, That Was My Dream.

Zari thought she would marry a rich man.

Zari Hassan recently shared her childhood dream of marrying a wealthy man and enjoying a luxurious life adorned in Satin gold. However, in a candid interview with BBC Swahili, she revealed her transformed perspective on life, acknowledging the need to work for the prosperous life she desired.

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the interview delves into Zari’s past aspirations and her current understanding of personal responsibility. As a child, Zari envisioned herself walking down the aisle with affluence, but as she matured, she recognized the importance of taking charge of her own destiny.


Reflecting on her past dreams, she admitted, “I used to think I will get married to a rich man, wear gold, but I said it is not easy.” The realization that a good life required effort motivated her to embrace her own agency, despite not originating from a wealthy family.

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Zari emphasized her shift in mindset, stating, “When I realized I wanted a good life, I got the motivation to say I don’t really come from a rich family, but it was my responsibility.” This realization became a driving force in her life, inspiring her to pursue the quality of life she desired.

Currently married to Ugandan man Shakib Cham, Zari has faced scrutiny regarding the age difference between them.

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Responding to critics in June, she asserted that her husband is a mature adult, not a child. Providing her birth date as “23rd September 1980,” she clarified that despite appearances, her partner is “30 plus” in age. Zari debunked any misconceptions arising from her youthful appearance and the fact that she has older children, emphasizing her forthcoming 42nd birthday this year.

Zari,sheds light on Zari Hassan’s journey from envisioning a life of affluence with a rich husband to embracing personal responsibility, reflecting her growth and determination to create the prosperous life she desires, challenging stereotypes and misconceptions along the way.

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