CassyPool: All Men Who Don’t Have Two Wives Are Cheaters,They Cheat With People Around You.

CassyPool on why men cheat

One of the most famous and controversial kenyan celebrity and content critic , CassyPool decided to open up about cheating in relationships, and how men are prone to cheating on their wives.

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According to CassyPool, when he was growing up, he was told by his grandfather that, men are polygamous in nature. He said that he was told that a real man is supposed to have atleast two wives, to avoid cheating.

CassyPool said that the reason why cheating wasn’t an issue in traditional african society , is that the great grandfathers used to have many wives.

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They use to have alot of responsibilities which was taking care of their wives, making it difficult for them to cheat.
CassyPool said that in the current generation, most men pretend to be monogamous, but deep down they still admire on other women secretly. He said that most men who don’t have a second wife are the greatest cheaters.

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He went on and said that, this type of men usually cheat on their wives with someone close to them, especially people they can’t suspect. For example cousins, sisters, mothers or even very close friends.
According to CassyPool it is high time that women understand that men are polygamous by nature, and they can escape that. So they should just take care of their husbands and try to give them peace of mind and true love, maybe that may limit them from cheating.

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