Andrew Kibe: Nilikuwa Nakula Hata Madem Watatu Kwa Siku


The kenyan celebrity and controversial content creator, who is based in USA, Andrew Kibe has decided to open up on battling with sex addiction. Speaking via his podcast, Kibe said that it is something that he really struggled with, and it was almost finishing him.

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After divorce, Kibe decided not to believe in love again. That is why he is always against marriage and according to him anything related to true love is a scam, hence for him he just used his salary for enjoyment and getting intimate with ladies.

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Kibe said that before leaving Kenya to USA , things were getting worse, and he was a sex addict. Whenever he used to find money, he just used to look for two or three prostitutes, invite them in his house and have a quality time with them.

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The content creator even went a step ahead to narrate an incident, whereby, he slept with 3 girls the whole day and woke up the next day. He wasted 24 hours just sleeping with ladies.

Andrew Kibe said it was enjoyment but it was also time wasting and it also weakens a real man. He urged men to try as much as possible to avoid sex addiction. A man with sex addiction will never prosper in life and also settling in marriage will be a very big problem.

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Kibe after leaving from Kenya to USA , he changed and now his focus is on building his brand. He is really doing well and his YouTube channel is paying him millions of money on monthly basis. Everything changed when he changed his mindset and he is just enjoying his life very well.

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