Untold Story of How Diana Marua Rose From Mpesa Lady to YouTube Millionaire.

An Inspiring story of how Diana Marua rose from an Mpesa Lady to a youtube millionaire.

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Diana Marua, the wife to Kevin Bahati is among the Youtube Millionaires in Kenya. The story of how DianaMarua Rose From Mpesa Lady to YouTube Millionaire is very inspiring and interesting.

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How Diana Marua’s Mpesa Lady to YouTube Millionaire Journey Started.

Diana Marua is a Luo lady, she comes from Nyanza region, specifically Migori . After completing her education, just like other Kenyans who come from a humble background, she decided to hustle.

Being the first born she had to be like a role model to her siblings. Diana started her road to success as an mpesa lady.

She worked there for sometime, before landing into a reception job at a certain organisation.

She wasn’t a celebrity back then, her life started changing when she appeared as a video vixen in Bahati’s song known as Maria.

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How Diana Started Youtube.

Her journey from changing her lifestory from an mpesa lady to YouTube Millionaire, started when she begun to date Bahati.

Bahati was famous and introducing her to the public domain made Diana famous. She gained number’s on Instagram and also Facebook page.

Diana was jobless and she was fully depending on Bahati. She however decided to become more creative and think how she can convert her fame into money.

In 2019, Diana Marua decided to open her youtube channel and started sharing lifestyle vlogs.

This was a new thing in Kenya, but she gained numbers very fast because people love the Bahati’s and wanted to know more about them.

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How Diana Rose From Mpesa Lady a YouTube Millionaire.

Diana Marua currently has over 700k subscribers on YouTube. She is making approximately ksh. 500k to 1 million per month from YouTube.

The only secret that has made her succeed on YouTube is consistency and quality content. Diana uploads videos on daily basis. Most of her vlogs get over 100k views per day.

Fame has also made her get brand endorsement. She is a brand ambassador of 12 companies and all this are Multimillion deals. She is a very humble lady with positive mindset.

That is an inspiring story of how Diana Marua Rose From Mpesa Lady to YouTube Millionaire.

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If you are a youtuber don’t give up, there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

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