Wajackoya’s Networth : Private Jet, Bentley worth ksh.38M and Jewelleries worth ksh. 18 M.

Professor George Luchiri's Wajackoya's Networth, including all the expensive properties he owns that are worth millions of money.

Professor George Luchiri Wajackoya is among the wealthiest politicians in Kenya. Wajackoya’s Networth is measured in terms of expensive properties he owns.Most of his properties are valued to be worth millions of money.

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Here is the list of Properties that Makes Up Wajackoya’s Networth.


1.Private Jet.
In an interview with Obinna, Wajackoya revealed that he owns a private Jet. He didn’t give the specifications of the jet, but he said that it is in United States of America.

2. Collections of Cars.

George Wajackoya has a fleet of cars. The most expensive car in his collection is a Bentley. Wajackoya revealed that it is among his favourite cars.

He said that the sleek car is worth ksh. 38 million. He also revealed he has other 4 cars in United States.


Some of the expensive cars that sum up Wajackoya’s Networth  include a LandCruiser, Chevrolet, Prado and the old school machine he acquired from Arnold Schewsniger. His cheapest car is Toyota Corona.

3. Jewelleries.

George Wajackoya is a lover of gold and hemp. Most of his jewerries are made up of those two products. He owns two golden rings.

Wajackoya's Networth
Obinna holding Gold Rings that are part of Wajackoya’s Networth /Photo Courtesy

The rings are made up of 14k gold, which among the most expensive golds in the world. The rings are worth ksh. 4.5 Million each, that is a total of ksh. 9 Million.

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Wajackoya also owns one of the most expensive watches in the world. It is a Rolex Watch, that is made up of pure gold and hemp. In the interview with 2mbili TV, Wajackoya said that the watch is worth ksh. 9 Million. He also has other expensive jewelleries that he hasn’t shown to the public.

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Other Things that can be included in his Networth.

Wajackoyah has a mansion in United States of America, where his family stays. In Kenya he has a mansion at Karen and also his office is located in Karen. He is currently building his village house at Mumias, Kakamega County.
Those are the list of expensive things George Wajackoya owns that are available in the public domain.




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