Aq9ine :  I didn’t Eat a Spider , ‘Spider Ndio ilinikula, Nilifura hadi private parts’ .

Aq9ine Reveals that he didn't eat a spider, the spider bited him and he immediately started swelling his body parts.

Aq9ine, the tiktoker who went viral after allegedly eating a Spider and developing a swollen face, has opened up about what happened. He revealed that he didn’t eat the spider, it was the other way around.

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What Exactly Happened.

Speaking in an interview with Nicholas Kioko, Aq9ine said that  he didn’t eat a Spider. The tiktoker said that the spider bited him while he was on his way to work. He said that he works with building and construction company. Aq9ine said that he was just chilling at a hardware and the spider abruptly bited him.

“Mimi sikukula spider, kitu iko na manyoa na pia najua iko na sumu, mtu anaweza kula aje. Spider iliniuma nikienda mjengo huko chogoria. Nilikuwa kwa hardware. Sumu ilianza kureact immediately nikafura kila mahali mbaka sehemu za siri” Aq9ine said.

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What happened to Aq9ine after being bitten by a Spider.

He said that the venom of the spider was very powerful and it started affecting him. Immediately. The tiktoker said that all the parts of the body begun to swell, including his private parts. Batman said that he developed swellings  on his battocks, penis and all the body parts.


Aq9ine said that he wasn’t admitted at the hospital as it was said. He said that he received immediate treatment at the comfort of his home. He said his condition was manageable so there was no need of going to the hospital. After receiving medication it took him some time to get back to normal.

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About cooking weird foods.

Aq9ine said that he will continue cooking weird meals. It is his passion and he will never stop cooking  such meals. He said that he is still planning to catch a snake and feast it. The tiktoker urged Kenyans not to show hate to him because he is doing something he loves.


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