“I Spend Over Ksh.300,000 Per Day” Amberay Says.

Amberay reveals her daily budget.

One of the most famous Kenyan socialite Faith Makau well known as Amberay finally decided to open up on the amount of millions she spends per month and thousands she spends daily.

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Speaking in an interview with Plug Tv, Amberay was asked the amount of money she spends per day on both buying airtime and also just a daily budget. She revealed that back then before getting into a relationship with Kennedy Rapudo, Amberay said that she used to reach Mpesa limit daily.

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Mpesa limit is ksh.300,000 , that is the highest amount of money a person can transact per day. Amberay said that nowdays she spend over 300K per day because she has a family to take care off and she is a mother to many, many people depend on her. Therefore daily basis she does alot of transaction.

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However what has changed is that nowdays she spends Kennedy Rapudo’s money more as compared to hers. She is proud of her baby daddy and lover who is wealthy and capable of maintaining her expensive lifestyle because she is an expensive woman.

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In addition to that Kennedy Rapudo also came out openly to defend their expensive lifestyle. He said that he is very rich and he is not faking it because everything people see online is there in real life and he is just a wealthy man who is capable of maintaining the expensive lifestyle of his fiance.

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