” Baba ya Nadia Mukami ni Mkali” Arrow Bwoy Reveals Why he has Not Yet Paid Dowry.

Arrow Bwoy and Nadia Mukami Relationship

“Baba ya Nadia Mukami ni Mkali” Arrow Bwoy Reveals Why he has Not Yet Paid Dowry.

The love between Nadia Mukami and Arrow Bwoy is growing more stronger after the two got their bundle of joy few months ago. The child has binded the two and now fans have been asking Arrow Bwoy Why he has not yet paid the dowry. Arrow Bwoy has bowed down to the pressure and revealed several reasons why he hasn’t.

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Speaking in an interview with Plugtv  Nadia Mukami said that she is eagerly waiting for Arrow Bwoy to pay dowry so that they can walk down the isle as a husband and wife.

She said that during the introduction time she thought that Arrow Bwoy will fear her father because  her father is a no nonsense dad. Arrow Bwoy was a man enough and he went and approached her  father and they had a talk and he was given a procedure he is supposed to follow for him to marry Nadia Mukami.

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On the other hand Arrow Bwoy said that he is still planning to go to Ukambani, the main reason why he hasn’t paid dowry is that they just got a newborn and they are still waiting for a while and then the process begins. He said dowry needs proper planning because she wants to pay Nadia’s family an appreciation that is worth it.

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Remember Nadia Mukami is a degree holder and she is a very bright girl and she deserves something that is worth it. Arrow Bwoy said that most probably by the end of this year he would have paid the dowry and now just planning for a wedding.

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The two lover birds are living a very good life as couples and they are also expected to do major shows across the country and they will be starting from Meru and then all the other 46 counties.

Here is the link to the full video on YouTube.

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