Untold Story of Dj Shiti: From Living in a Brothel with Prostitutes to Signing Multimillion Brand Deals.

The untold Story of DJ Shiti

Dj Shiti is one of the famous actors,comedian and also brand in Kenya. However before becoming famous, he has been through alot.The story of his success is very inspiring ,and it is a true definition of hardwork pays.

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Background of DJ Shiti.

Steven Oduor Dede was born on 18th August 1990.He was born in Musanda,Mumias.The 6th born in the family of six. He attended primary and secondary school and then after started to commercialize his acting skills.

Dj Shiti
Dj Shiti before fame/Photo Courtesy

Dj Shiti’s Career and Life’s Journey.

He believes he was born a comedian. Growing up in Nakuru, he started performing plays, set books, and doing stand-up comediesĀ at Nakuru Players theatre, where he started his comedy career and has been on it for over five years.

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Landing into Churchill Show’s role .

Since Nakuru wasn’t a good place for upcoming comedian, Dj Shiti decided to relocate to Nairobi. This time he had landed into a gig with Churchill show. This is after performing well in the crazy comedy.

Living With Prostitutes in Nairobi.

In a live interview , the actor said that when he reached Nairobi , every family member he knew switched off their phones. He had no option but to stay in the streets. He said that he used to live with prostitutes in one of the brothels in Nairobi.

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Things were tough but he used to leave there and go for Churchill show auditions. This time he used to call himself magazine. It was hectic but he was hopeful one day he will make it in life.
Getting a Role in Real Househelps of Kawangware and Becoming famous.

Getting a Role in Real Househelps of Kawangware.

Abel Mutua realised that he is talented. So in 2014, Abel gave him a role in Real Househelps of Kawangware. He then gave him the name DJ Shiti.
This was the perfect time and chance for him to show the world his acting skills and comedy.

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To be open he nailed it and became famous among Kenyans. The fame came with increasing numbers on his social media pages.

Signing Multimillion Brand Deals.

Increase in the numbers of his social media pages, made Shiti a bigger brand. He started getting endorsement deals and also perfoming gigs. He has had a chance of being brand ambassador of Dstv, Gotv and many other Multimillion companies.

From being broke, Shiti joined the millionaire club. He started living a lavish life and even bought an expensive Rangerover from Khaligraph Jones. Currently he is living in an expensive Mansion and he is enjoying the fruits of his hardwork .

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