Krg the Don Reveals  Source of his Ksh.4 Billion Wealth

The source of Krg the Don Wealth.

Singer Krg the Don Reveals Source of his 4 Billion Wealth: Most people have been wondering where Krg gets his money from, because he usually steps out in expensive outfits and cars. He even claimed publicly that he usually spend ksh. 100,000 per day just as pocket money.

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Speaking in an interview with Spm buzz, Singer Krg the Don decided to reveal the source of his money. He said that he has generally invested in almost all sectors. He has several streams on income.

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The controversial musician said that he is into real estate business , where he owns several apartments and mansions in the city. He is also into transport sector. Krg owns a car yard where he hires cars and also sells them.

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Previously he had revealed to the public that he has milling industries in Isinya . He is also a musician and he makes some money from his music because, most of them are streamed internationally.

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He also does some of the online businesses which includes cryptocurrency and bitcoin. Krg also owns a club along Ngong Road worth ksh 200 Million. He always invests in a sector that has profit.

Krg said that if things have gone very well as expected, he earns ksh.300,000 per week and maybe if things have flopped he earns between ksh.150,000  to 200, 000 per week. In addition he has also businesses that pays him on monthly basis.

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The Don said openly that he is worth ksh. 4 to 5 Billion and he is still pushing. The singer lives in a mansion worth ksh.500 Million in Lavington. He has a collection of cars which includes the Rangerover sports 2021 model .He is living a very lavish lifestyle.

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