How krg the Don became A Millionaire at Age of 17, While Still in Highschool

The Story of How Krg the Don became A Millionaire at Age of 17.


Here is the story of How Krg the Don Became A Millionaire: He is one of the famous controversial musician in Kenya. He sings dancehall music and he has several hitsongs. He is also the richest musician in the country , and his networth is about ksh.4 Billion.

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The Journey of Krg becoming a billionaire, started when he was still a very young person in highschool. Speaking in an interview with Milele fm a while ago.The musician said that he touched his first ksh.1 million when in highschool, at the age of 17.

How Krg the Don became a millionaire

He said that he used to school in Uganda. His parents didn’t know the exact school fees he was paying. Therefore his dad used to just give him money, when he reaches at school, he finds out that he has like ksh.50,000 extra like pocket money.

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Krg the Don said that he used to save the money very well. In addition to this, girls at the school used to love him, they trusted him with money and they used to give him money so that he can keep for them.

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When adding the amount of money at the end of the term , he would find out that he has like ksh.100,000. He would thrift clothes there and come to sell in Kenya. He would then gain a tripple profit and make about ksh.300,000.

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That is the strategy , krg used to make money while at Highschool. Therefore at form 2 , he made his first 1 million. After finishing highschool he bought his first car.

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When finishing Highschool he was 19 years old and this is the first time he touched ksh.10 million . The money belonged to him.

Investing His money and becoming a billionaire.

He then started investing the money wisely. He bought a huge piece of land and also started buying cars and selling them as he make profit.

His wealth increased and he ventured into several businesses, till to date he is a billionaire. The musician has a club that is worth ksh.200 million located along Ngong Road.

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He also has a car yard , real estates and milling industries.He is very wealthy and living a lavish lifestyle in a Mansion worth ksh. 500 million.

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