Vera Sidika ” My Boobs aren’t Natural, I Used Ksh.2 Million to enlarge them.

Vera Sidika Boobs Surgery.

Vera Sidika boobs surgery :One of the most controversial socialite in Kenya Vera Sidika has decided to open up on her boobs surgery. This is after going viral over her clout chasing drama where she had faked that she had gone a weight loss surgery.

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Through a question and answer session on her official Instagram page Stories. Vera Sidika admitted that her boobs aren’t natural . She said that she underwent a boobs enlargement surgery .

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The surgery costed her ksh. 2Million. The implantation was perfect and she has never had any side effects. Vera did the surgery in  Beverly hills USA some years back and her boobs are big and yummy.

Verasidika boobs surgery
Vera Sidika boobs surgery costed her ksh.2million.

She also revealed that it hasn’t affected breastfeeding . In addition , despite breastfeeding, her boobs have never sagged. When it comes to her behinds, Vera Sidika said that they are natural.

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The socialite said that she just used to be overweight since young. She said she used to feel ashamed of it, but when she reached Nairobi, she realised men love big behinds. So she has never got ashamed of them again.
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