Kaspul: krg the Don Ako Na Mauchungu Juu Alifukuzwa Kwa Harusi Ya Akothee.

Content creator and presidential aspirant Kaspul has finally come out openly to reveal , the main reason why singer Krg the Don is bitter with Akothee’s wedding. According to Kasipul Krg was chased away from the wedding venue.

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Speaking in an interview with online media, Kasipul who has been going viral for criticizing kenyan musicians, decided to expose Krg The Don badly live on camera.
He said that it is true that Akothee didn’t invite Krg The Don to her wedding, maybe she doesn’t know him or they are not close friends.

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However Kasipul went on and alleged that Krg the Don decided to go to the wedding uninvited.
He had lined up with his expensive convoy, including Range Rovers, but he was locked out of the get , because he didn’t have an invitation card. Kasipul went on and claimed that, the angry Krg was forced to turn back , and that is the reason why he is all over the internet talking bad about Akothee’s wedding.

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Kasipul said that it was a royal wedding, and the wedding was just worth it. He however said that the only people who destroyed the wedding, were musician, they didn’t give Akothee respect she deserve, because, their dressing codes were just weird. He even blamed Akothee for not inviting Krg The Don, because he could have killed the show.

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