” Nyinyi Wazee Mmechoka Wacha Vijana Waenjoy” Betty Kyallo Opens Up on Dating A 21 Years old Boy.

The story of Betty Mutei Kyallo and her alleged lover Jay went viral online, and it really caused stir online. The pictures which were circulated by online DCI on social media platforms, were very genuine, showing the two with matching outfits and this is what made netizens to take a very deep dive into the matter.

Betty didn’t respond immediately and because she is always a vibe, she decided to make things open and during an interview with Eric Omondi at NTV, Betty Kyallo revealed that the age gap wasn’t 21 years, and the young boy isn’t young the way people are claiming.

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She said that she saw the story but she had nothing to say because there was mis information. However on the dating part she didn’t denie or confirm, what she said was that, older men should now leave the young boys to enjoy love because older men are tired.

Betty said that love is just love and age gap will never matter. She said that the allegations that the young boy was in Machakos Boys were not true, those were just lies, and said that people should just learn to mind their own business. However it seems like the two are having something secretly  and maybe very soon they may decide to make it public.

Here is the video


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