“I Will Continue to Be a Proud Lesbian and I will Never Date A Man” Makena Njeri .

Makena Njeri


One of the most famous Kenyan female actress and the leader of the bold network group, which protects and addresses the issues facing Lgbtq society, Makena Njeri, has come out openly to reveal to the public that she won’t give up on advocating for the rights of the Lgbtq society.

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Makena said that she is a very proud member of the minority society and being among the influential people in the nation, she will make sure she achieve her goals. Her main goals is to make sure that the people from the queer society are enjoying their rights just like other Kenyans.
(Here is the screenshot of Makena Njeri’s words)

(courtesy of Makena Instagram).
She said that so far the progress is good because majority of Kenyans who are in the Lgbtq society have started coming out to live their bold life without any fear. Makena said that she will struggle and make sure that discrimination against women who are in this society has ended.

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She urged Kenyans to accept that being in the queer society isn’t a crime but it is a way of living and everyone has his or her own choice. Makena has been at the forefront of protecting the queer society in Kenya and as the leader of the bold network she has tried very much to push the government to make the society more legal in Kenya.

It is true that most people are joining this society and very soon Kenya might be like United States because the new normal is that majority of youths have started turning into gay due to several issues.

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