Krg The Don Accused Of Impregnating Kienyejiii Tiktoker Luhya Queen.

Cartoon 47 Accuses Krg The Don of Impregnating Luhya Queen.

It is like people out here have decided to clout chase with Krg The Don’s name. This is after the singer publicly said that anyone who has his child to make it public, he won’t shy away from his responsibilities. The latest accusations is of him impregnating famous Kienyejiii tiktoker Luhya Queen.

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During an interview with Trudy Kitui, famous amapiano superstar Cartoon 47, denied that he is not the one who made Luhya Queen pregnant. He said that Luhya Queen is just trying to clout chase with his name , and that is something that may make him loose much.

Krg The Don Accused of Impregnating Luhya Queen
Krg The Don Accused of Impregnating Luhya Queen By Cartoon 47

Cartoon 47 confidently alleged that the person who made Luhya Queen pregnant is Krg The Don. He said that Krg has a bad habit of getting children outside marriage, hence there are higher chances that he is the one who made the famous Kienyejiii tiktoker pregnant.


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He went on and urged Luhya Queen to stop linking him to her pregnancy, she should just give birth without clout chasing and take the child to his father who is Krg The Don. He said Krg won’t shy away from his responsibilities, he has alot of money and he will take care of the child.

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Cartoon 47 went on and said that if Luhya Queen continues to insist that the pregnancy belongs to him, he will wait till the child is born, go for a DNA test, he will pay for it , and if the results turn negative then she will have to refund him the money and plus defamation.

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