Andrew Kibe Is Ready To Make Akothee Pregnant.

Andrew Kibe vs Akothee

Despite Esther Akothee threatening to take a legal action against Andrew Kibe, it seems like the content creator is not scared. The two have been having a nasty beef online, even after winning the war, Kibe is still hitting out at Akothee.

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In one of her podcasts, Kibe mocked at Akothee’s action of threatening to sue her. Her mockery was meant to shame Akothee, he started fantasizing on making Akothee pregnant and having a child with her.

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The content creator said that if he is brought before the court because of using Akothee’s content and bullying her, he would ask for a permission from the judge, and request him to give him and Akothee a private room.

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Inside that private room, he will have a small talk with Akothee and then it goes down. His main plan will be to sleep with Akothee and make her withraw a case against him.

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He said that if it happens that  Akothee gets pregnant and him, and gives birth to a child, that child will have all sort of conditions. Because they are both over 40 years. He said the child will be always in hospital and he or she will eventually die, because they are both weak and can’t produce a strong offspring.

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Kibe said that the only way of him dealing with Akothee is just to go that way. According to him, he doesn’t fear Madam Boss and despite all the threats, he will continue making content about her.

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