” Wakenya Wameanza Kuuza Chang’aa Majuu” CS Alfred Mutua Reveals.

Cs Alfred Mutua Reveals That Kenyans Are Selling Illicit Brew Abroad.

Cs Alfred Mutua Reveals That Kenyans Are Selling Illicit Brew Abroad.
Cs Alfred Mutua Reveals That Kenyans Are Selling Illicit Brew( Chang’aa) Abroad.

The cabinet secretary of foreign affairs and former Machakos Governor, Dr Alfred Mutua raised alarm over a section of kenyans who engage in illegal activities outside the country. He claimed that a section of kenyans are selling illicit brews abroad.

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Speaking in an interview on Citizen Tv, Alfred Mutua said that the main reason that there are some cases of Kenyans loosing their lives abroad, suffering and others being jailed, is that there are some of them who engage in illegal activities.

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Mutua said that there is a section of people who leave Kenya for certain jobs in arab nations, however when they reach there they breach the contract and start doing some weird and illegal things.

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The CS said that there is a section of Kenyans in Arab nations who have been jailed or exposed for selling local illicit brew( Chang’aa), that is a taboo in arab nations and it is the reason there are cases of people suffering there.

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He also added that for ladies who leave the nation to go and work as househelps in Arab nations, details have emerged that some of them go against their contracts and they start engaging in prostitution.

” kuna wakenya wanaenda nchi za uarabuni na kuanza kuuza chang’aa,, hii ni illegal huko , ndio maana wengine wanashikwa na wanateswa. Wadada wetu wengine pia huenda huko na kuanza ukahaba” Mutua said.

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Dr Mutua said it is time to streamline the immigration department, and as a ministry they are working on how they can come up with strict rules to guide Kenyans who are exiting the nation to go and look for better pastures abroad. They want to regulate so that they can lock out people who paint bad image for the nation abroad.

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