Krg the Don: I Used To Give My Ex Wife Everything But She Cheated On Me With A Bedsitter Man”

Krg the Don and His Ex Wife

One of the most controversial and richest dancehall artist in Kenya Krg the Don is still bitter with his ex wife Linah. The two lover birds parted ways a year ago and last year (2021) October, Krg the Don went to the court to file for the divorce.

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They are still waiting for the judgement to be made so that they can part ways officially because they were legally married. However Krg the Don has come out openly to expose the dirty behaviour of his ex wife Linah while they were still dating.

Krg the Don said that he used to give his ex everything including a good amount of money, they were living in a Multimillion Mansion in one of the royal suburbs in Nairobi, and they were living a very lavish life. Despite of having everything, his wife decided to turn into a harlot.

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She became a very big prostitute to an extend that she used to cheat on him with the bedsitter guys, and not one guy but many guys. Even there is a time he received a call that his ex wife had been caught sleeping with someones husband in Ruaka.

Apart from that, Krg the Don said that she used to go to local clubs, get drunk and start to kiss random men as they do some nasty things. There are possibilities that she has even been smashed in a club.

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Krg the Don said this was very risky and a harlot can bring very dangerous diseases in the house. He tried to talk to her but she didn’t listen to him, so he decided to dump her and seek for divorce. Krg said that currently he is doing well and he is taking care of his children very well. He said that after divorce he will marry another woman.

Here is the link to the full video on YouTube.

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