Krg the Don : I’m a Billionaire ‘Siwezi Tembea na Maskini Wanateseka, Wataniambukiza Umaskini’

Krg the Don reveals that he is a billionaire and can't hangout with peasants.

One of the most famous Kenyan dancehall artist, Krg the Don, has revealed to the public that he is worth billions of money. The singer who is among the richest and controversial artist in Kenya said that money will never be a problem for him.

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He said that he likes flexing and hanging out with tycoons because they are in the same class. Krg the Don said he can’t and he will never hangout with peasants and people who are languishing in poverty. They may make him run poor, hence there are lanes and his friends are tycoons.

” mimi ni billionaire niko na pesa nyingi.Marafiki wangu wengi ni wadosi, siwezi hang out na Maskini. Maskini Wanateseka Wataniambukiza Umaskini, kwa hivyo kila mtu a hang out na watu wa class yake”

Most people usually wonder where his wealth comes from. Krg doesn’t depend on money from music. For him music is just for leisure. He is a very flamboyant business man. He own milling industries, car yard and also a Multimillion club along Ngong Road.(Casavera).

Krg the Don
Krg the Don/courtesy

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The singer also revealed that per day he spends ksh. 150, 000 just for personal use. Per month , he spends ksh.4million to 5million , just for personal use.

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