“Niko Ready Kutunza Carol na Mtoto Wa Mulamwah ” Dufla Diligon Says.

Dufla Diligon taking Care of Mulamwah's Child.


Dufla Diligon has finally decided to speak up after being linked to being the father of Carol Sonnie’s daughter Keilah. Mulamwah publicly Disowned Keilah on the allegations that Carol was cheating on him with another man, so the daughter belongs to that man and not him.

Dufla Diligon who is one of the best dancehall artist in Kenya has decided to break silence and said that Carol Sonnie is his best friend. Dufla said since Mulamwah has disowned Keilah, he will take the responsibility of a father and take care of both Carol Sonnie and Keilah.

Dufla said that the young soul is innocent and still very young to be exposed to such toxic social media environment. Dufla said that he will make sure Keilah receives the love of the father and also Carol lives a very good life. He termed Mulamwah’s actions as immaturity and he could have handled that situation better rather than exposing such things online.

Dufla didn’t answer the question about being the blood father of Keilah as the Kenyans on twitter were alleging. He only said that he is very much ready to take care of Keilah and Carol Sonnie, and he will make that move very soon.
Here is the link to the full video on YouTube (courtesy of Mungai Eve).

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