James Mwangi ( Kihiki Wa Githomo): Nimekula Fare Za Wanaume Wengi Sana

Kihiki Wa Githomo Opens Up on Eating Men's Fare.

One of the upcoming content creator , James Mwangi ( Kihiki Wa Githomo), who usually does some amazing content has opened up on men hitting up on him. Kihiki Wa Githomo revealed that alot of gay people have been confessing their love for him.

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Speaking During the interview. Wa Githomo  said that his costumes, which are extended behinds , have been giving alot of LGBTQ men sleepless nights. He said that on Facebook men have been expressing their love for him.

Kihiki Wa Githomo
Kihiki Wa Githomo / Courtesy

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The request of men wanting to date him became too much , and he decided to use that opportunity to eat their money. He said that he has eaten transport money for alot of men who are crushing on him, and want a meet up with him.

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Kihiki Wa Githomo said that he is very straight and he has never thought of being a gay. He usually wear as a crossdresser for the purpose of content creation. That is not the real him, it is just a character to entertain Kenyans.

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