Akothee: Nimeolewa, Nelly is My Husband, Nitamzalia Watoto Wanne.

Akothee and NellyOaks

Madam Boss well known as Akothee finally decided to open up on her relationship with NellyOaks. This is after the two decided to rekindle their 8 years relationship that ended in 2021, and Akothee went on to date white man identified as Omosh.

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Akothee got married through a multimillion wedding, and just after three months they divorced because Omosh was bipolar and things couldn’t work out.
She went into depression for a while, but NellyOaks who was her manager then, gave her a shoulder to lean on and in the process of healing the two former love birds reunited.

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Akothee said that there is nothing that can separate her and Nelly Oaks. She is planning to have children with him. She said that the goal is to have 4 children with NellyOaks. Keep in mind Akothee is already 40 years.

She said that people are jealous of her relationship with Nelly , but this will never stop them from enjoying love. She is a woman who deserves to be loved and she is a woman who is meant to be married.

Akothee said that she won’t hesitate to get married with NellyOaks again. This time round everyone will be invited at her wedding. She loves Nelly and she knows that he is her perfect man and they are together till infinity.

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