Butita: My First Salary As A Comedian Was Ksh.20 Bob.

Eddie Butita Reveals His First Salary As A Comedian

One of the most famous and celebrated kenyan comedian and content creator, Eddie Butita, decided to open up on his journey in the entertainment industry, and the ups he has been through before making it in the comedy.

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Through a phone call, via the famous radio 47 show , a segment hosted by Billy Miya and Mwalimu Mbaruk. Eddie Butita openned up on a day that he will never forget in his life.

He said it was in the year 2011, him and 10 of his friends, secured a great deal at one of the famous clubs in Nairobi CBD back then. The owner of the club allowed them to perform to the drunkards and the entire club audience.

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People turned up in huge numbers, as compared to the normal , Butita and the friends real did it, they performed very well and the audience was very happy.
However things went left when the payment time reached.The club owner, told them that he made a huge mistake, which was not collecting a fee at the entrance, so he had no money to pay them.

He deeped hand in his pocket and gave them ksh.200 to use as fare back home. They were 10 of them so they searched for a change for about 2 hours and divided the money amongst themselves, each one of them earning ksh.20 Bob.

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At 3:00pm, Butita opted to board a Matatu that was charging ksh.10 from Nairobi to Kariobangi, and he stood in the Matatu the entire journey. That hilarious narration is how Eddie Butita started earning from comedy.

Butita kept on working smart, and currently at 2024, he is the CEO of Spmbuzz, and making millions of money from content creation.
Click the link below to watch full video on Tiktok.

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