Khalif Kairo: The Fall of Imports By Kairo and How I Was Mistreated by the Company.

Khalif Kairo reveals why he exited his own company Imports by Kairo.

Khalif Kairo is one of the most famous car dealers in Kenya. He is currently the CEO of Kai and Karo. The company that started in 2022 after he exited his own company , known as imports by Kairo.

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Imports by Kairo was gaining fame online because of Khalif, he used to do car reviews and market the company on all social media platforms. He was the backbone of the company when it comes to marketing and making sells. They even won a car dealerships award under his leadership.

Speaking during an interview, Khalif Kairo said that Imports by Kairo was his idea. It all started in 2017 , but during the covid 19 period  is when the company gained much fame. He said that he collaborated with two of his friends, hence they were 3 shareholders of the company.

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The two were well of financially, and they used to do the funding and other stuffs. For Khalif he did also funding and marketing of the company. He is the one who maintained the outlook of the organisation, and made sure that it is famous and trustworthy.

However challenges begun, because the other two shareholders decided to battle him out. They came with another company and linked it to imports by Kairo. That is where the fall out begun. Despite Khalif questioning him, they didn’t explain to him anything because they felt that they are the ones who own the company.

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As time went on, they decided to make Khalif Kairo less functionable in the company. They were sonehow jealous of him, because of how he was gaining fame. They started mistreating him and tried as much as possible to make him a nobody in the company.

Khalif said that the junior employees of the company started disrespecting him in his own company. He was completely made less functionable and there was no decision he was able to make.

The shareholders used all the ways to try to kick him out of his own company. He remained patient for a while but he decided to make a major decision.

Khalif Kairo decided to quit his own company due to disrespect, being mistreated, made less functionable and things were not working out. It was one of the hardest moments in his life.

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He however didn’t give up, and with the support of his friends, he started his own company, Kai and Karo and it is doing well. Since he left imports by Kairo, the company is not famous as it used to be. It is still operating but its fame is declining.

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He revealed that they still have a case in court, the two shareholders sued him on several allegations. Khalif also said that the name Imports by Kairo is supposed to be changed because it was his idea. He is however optimistic that everything will go on well.

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