” Cheza Kama Samidoh Huyu ni Mrembo Kuliko Diana B” Fans Tell Bahati .

Bahati Dancing with Miss Njagi.

Bahati is still promoting his song featuring Gikuyu famous singer Joyce Wamama. He has been doing several dance challenges with dancers, but his dance challenge with Miss Njagi, who is a famous tiktoker has attracted comments of alot of netizens.

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Miss Njagi is a very good dancer and she really nailed it, she gave her top notch performance and according to the netizens, she seems to be a perfect match to Bahati. They were both amazing and so far the video appears to be the best dance challenge of the song ‘ Nowe sweetie’.
Click the link below to watch full video on Instagram.

It had alot of positive comments , and some fans told Bahati in a mocky way  to just behave  like Samidoh and turn the tables. Others compared Miss Njagi to Bahati’s wife Diana Marua, and said that she is beautiful than her.

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Here is the screenshot of some of the comments from the Instagram Netizens.

Bahati and Miss Njagi
Reactions to Bahati and Miss Njagi dancing.

The video was just for entertainment. Bahati is married and very loyal to his beautiful wife Diana Marua. However as an artist, he must be social work with content creators and other people in the dance industry so that he can push his songs and brand.

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