Meet A Kenyan Mum and Daughter Who Are Making Millions of Money in USA Through Selling African Food.

How a Kenyan mum and daughter are making millions of money in USA through selling African food.

Caroline and Tracy Gitonga were featured in Daring Abroad show by Alex Chamwada as one of the most successful business women , who are from Kenya and owning a very famous Multimillion restaurant in USA.

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Caroline is the mother to Tracy Gitonga, 2 years ago( 2021), the two decided to achieve their dream goal, which was owning a restaurant in USA.

African Soulfood
African Soulfood ( restaurant owned by Caroline and Tracy Gitonga)

Because Caroline has an experience in hotel industry, and having worked in several hotels in USA, she had discovered that there was a gap when it comes to African dishes. This was a very perfect time to close that gap.

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The two started a restaurant known as African Soulfood. This restaurant deals with African foods , especially East and West African foods. They have all the favourite foods that Kenyans like, such as Mokimo, fish, chapati, Mandazi,Samosa and many more.

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Their restaurant has gained fame in USA, and they usually get huge number of customers on daily basis. Their business is thriving and they are really making profits worth millions of money.

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Majority of kenyan celebrities who visit USA, usually prefer eating at their restaurant, they have hosted the likes of Nameless, Omanyala, Sautisol , Otile Brown and many more others.

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African in USA, especially Atlanta, Georgia, love their food, and they have also been at the forefront of marketing them and making their brand bigger. The two have employed several people, who assist them in different departments, they are a complete organisation and they are optimistic that sooner they will have branches all over USA.

African Soulfood
Caroline (left) and Tracy (right) , the owners of African Soulfood in USA

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The only challenge they face is inadequate employees, because most of their workers are students, so they are always on and off the work, and that is very challenging and sometimes hinders their operations.
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