” Kibe Asione Hii” Reactions After Bahati Was Spotted Wearing Diana Marua’s Dress.

Bahati spotted wearing Diana Marua's Dress

The Bahati’s will always do anything to trend. The couple is a vibe and the bond between Diana Marua and her husband Bahati is just on another level. The couple are free with each other and they are prone to doing weird things online. The video of Bahati wearing Diana Marua’s dress really caused stir online.

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In the script, it started by Diana Marua doing the magic clothes change challenge. This is a viral challenge on tiktok. Diana was pretending that it doesn’t work on her. In the video she is seen trying several times but the challenge seemed to be failing.

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She decided to try the challenge on her husband Bahati who was just busy doing his things. The challenge worked and Bahati appeared, wearing Diana Marua’s tight dress. He seemed to be shocked. Diana on the other hand was cheering him up, she even spanked his behinds as she makes fun of him.It was an interesting challenge and the two really nailed it.

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Here is the video.

However the video caused stir online and it attracted mixed reactions from several Instagram netizens. Some were trolling Bahati, others got the vibe and they enjoyed the light moment, and others were tagging Andrew Kibe, as they wait to hear his comments on Bahati’s outfit.

Here is the screenshot of some of the comments.

Reactions to Bahati wearing Diana Marua's dress
Bahati wearing Diana Marua’s dress

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