” Kama Stevo Simple Boy Angekuwa Handsome Hakuna Mtu Angesikiza Wimbo Zake” Krg the Don.

The beef between Krg the Don and Stivo Simple Boy is not yet over. Stivo Simple Boy was the one who started the whole mess, the singer decided to downgrade Krg the Don, by saying publicly that he don’t know who Krg is and he doesn’t know even one song of Krg the Don.

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Krg decided to take the matter personal, and from his statements, he has been tearing Stivo Simple live on camera with very abusive words. He started by comparing Stivo Simple Boy to a scarecrow, and later he compared him to a Chimpanzee.

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During an interview at Kiss Fm, Krg the Don insisted that Stivo Simple Boy is ugly, he went on and said that , his music has no content, he just sings songs that nursery and primary school kids usually sing.

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The Don said that if Stevo Simple Boy could have been handsome like him, then no one could have listened to his songs. People just listen to him because of his ugly looks, and they listen to him to just have fun,but his songs have zero content.

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Krg said that he will not spare any person who insults him, he will be facing them in person and he will be always insulting them using true words , even if it is body shaming he will be doing so, he has no mercy on people who disrespect him.

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