Andrew Kibe Offers Azziad Nasenya Ksh.10,000 To Show Him Her Boobs.

The Uk based content creator and social media criticizer Andrew Kibe has been controversial on Kenyan social media pages. Kibe is a no nonsense content creator and he usually attacks everyone. He has offered Azziad Nasenya an offer that will see her earn ksh. 10,000 in less than a minute.

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Speaking during his YouTube live show, Andrew Kibe said that, there is someone who has reached out at him, and he has told him to request and persuade Azziad to send him her breasts( boobs) only and the man is ready to pay ksh.10,000 just for seeing Azziad’s melons.

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Kibe said that Azziad isn’t supposed to fear because it him and the man only who will have the privilege to see those boobs. He said publicly that he won’t leak the nudes , and it is a very legit business.

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Andrew Kibe has given Azziad a duration of upto 3 Months to do so, after those months have ended, he won’t be interested in them, because according to him, they won’t be pointy as they are currently. Kibe has urged all his fans to flock in Azziad’s inbox and tell her that there is a good offer of Ksh.10,000 for her showing off her breasts only.

Click here to watch full video on YouTube.

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