” Baby Twins Are Coming!?” Mungai Eve’s Boyfriend Confirms.

Mungai Eve and her boyfriend Director Trevor have been receiving pressures from social media netizens about getting a child. This is after a good number of content creators got their bundle of Joy, For example Nicholas Kioko and her girlfriend Wambo are parents to cute twins.

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Mungai Eve has talked about the pregnancy story several times. Through her Instagram page stories, Eve revealed that she won’t get pregnant anytime soon till 2028. She feels that she is not ready to be a mother, and she has alot to do.

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On the other hand , her boyfriend who is also her  director, Trevor, decided to open up about the issue. According to Trevor he is optimistic that their first pregnancy will be twins. The main reason why Trevor says this is because he has a twin brother, and Mungai Eve’s father also has a twin brother, hence chances of him and Eve getting twins are high.

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Trevor said that he is not in a hurry of getting children, but when the right time reaches, then they will get a child . He also responded to Andrew Kibe’s warning about being dumped by Eve. Trevor said that him and Eve are still together and they will be together forever.

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