Hii Imeenda, Pritty Vishy Tattoos Her New Boyfriends Name on Her Finger.

The famous and controversial Stivo Simple Boy’s ex girlfriend, Pritty Vishy is out of the market again for the second time. Pritty Vishy revealed to the public that she is dating, and it is like she finally found her perfect match.

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After breaking up With Stivo Simple Boy, Pritty Vishy allegedly dated Madini Classics for a while, though he later said it was clout chasing. She has been in the market for quite sometime because she wanted a rich man , who drives expensive car, she publicly revealed that she has no time for poor men.

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In her latest Instagram stories post, Pritty Vishy has revealed that she is currently dating. She even went on and showed of the tattoo of her new boyfriend on her fingers.

However the most shocking thing is that, Pritty claimed that she can’t show the face of her boyfriend, because he is someone’s lover and she doesn’t want him to part ways with his woman.

Pritty Vishy Tattoos her boyfriend name on her fingers
Pritty Vishy Tattoos her boyfriend name on her finger

In the previous interviews, Pritty Vishy is on record bragging about her past lifestyle. At the age of 21 years , she has already got married 3 times and all her marriage were unsuccessful.

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She even opened up on how he used to date people’s husband’s, in Kenya they are called “Wababaz”. Despite being young, she is a lady who has been into alot of relationships and all of them have been ending in premium tears, we hope this time round things will work out.

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