Janet Mwihaki : Nilikuwa Mrembo But My Husband Burnt Me Alive In Public and Ran Away.

Janet Mwihaki narrates how her husband burnt her with petrol in public and ran away.

The story of Janet Mwihaki , a middle aged woman from Kikuyu, is very sad. She has been in a toxic marriage , which almost led to her death. It is by the grace of God, that Janet is still alive .

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Speaking in an interview with Afrimax English, Janet said that after dropping out of class 8 , she decided to go and stay with her aunt. While there she found a job , and at the workplace she met a man and they started dating.

Getting married at a younger age.

After 3 months when she went to visit the man, he requested her to be his wife and even locked her at his house for 2 weeks. At this time Mwihaki was only 17 years. So she decided to get married to the man because she also loved him.

Their marriage was very nice because the man was doing a well paying job. They got their first child together , then a 2nd one. After getting two children together, his husband started changing.

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He wasn’t making money from his job, and all the stress of having bad days , he used to relieve them on Janer by beating her up. He used to assault her and even started bringing in another women and cheating live .

Chased away by her toxic husband.

He chased Janet away, because nobody wanted to accommodate her, she decided to start hustling.
Her mother and siblings rejected her. She decided to rent a cheaper house and started selling vegetables at the market as she makes money for food and children’s school fees.

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One day when she was coming home from the market, her husband who was secretly following her, attacked her with a knife. By goodluck , good Samaritans saved her life and took her to hospital.

How Janet Mwihaki was burnt life by her toxic husband.

She now knew that her life was in danger. After healing from the injuries, the same thing happened again , but this time was a plan to kill her. Janet Mwihaki was passing in a certain corridor, then her husband appeared abruptly and told her that he wants to kill her.

She was helpless because the man was very energetic. The man poured petrol on her and lighted it. He ran away leaving Janet in burning in flames.

Janet Mwihaki
Janet Mwihaki narrating how her husband burnt her in public with petrol/ Courtesy

She screamed for help and neighbours came through to put fire off, using the available resources. They took her to Kenyatta Hospital, she sustained serious injuries and her face , generally the upper body parts were badly damaged.

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Admitted at the hospital

She was admitted for 2 years in the hospital, all this time no family members came to check up at her. Both her mother and sister had disowned her. Even after being discharged , she was forced to stay at a strangers house for some days before her mother and sister came for her.

They took her at home, but they used to isolate and discriminate her. After sometime her mother chased her away, with her condition she decided to seek help in church. The pastor and his team came through and bought her house essentials and supported her with her children with few basic needs.

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That was a one time thing and since then, Janet is struggling with life. She has urged Kenyans of good will to help her , because she is stressed and feels isolated because of how people treat her.

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