Mulamwah: Why I’m a Millionaire But Still Live in a Disorganised Bedsitter.

One of the most famous Kenyan celebrity, content creator and radio presenter Mulamwah, has finally come out to reveal to the public why he lives in a bedsitter. Despite being a millionaire and making good amount of money from his business, Mulamwah is humbly staying in a bedsitter in one of the estates in Nairobi.

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Speaking in an interview with Plug Tv, Mulamwah said that the reason why he is spending less money on rent, is because that he is currently building his own mansion in the village. Since he is alone, he saw that it is just very fine and cheap for him to stay in a bedsitter.

Mulamwah has shared photos of him inside his bedsitter on his social media pages several times. What most people noticed is that the house is always disorganised.

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The comedian said that the reason why his bedsitter is always disorganised and looks tidy, is just a setting for content creation. He always makes it look disorganised, so that people can relate. He said in content creation for someone to capture the attention of the audience, they must use examples that the audience can relate.

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Mulamwah is used to spending less money on rent, before moving to his bedsitter, he used to stay in a one bedroom. His one bedroom he used to pay a rent of ksh.9000 per month, he even showed the receipts online. He is more into saving and investing his money.

Despite being a celebrity, Mulamwah rarely flaunts expensive lifestyle online, he is just simple and focused on achieving his set goals.

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