” Ako na Sura Mbaya na Anakaa Scarecrow” Krg The Don Body Shames Stevo Simple Boy.

One of the most famous and controversial kenyan celebrity and dancehall artist, Krg the Don  caused stir online, after he decided to ignite his beef with Stivo Simple Boy . Krg the Don decided to body shame Simple Boy because the singer is the one who started hitting out at him.

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In what it seemed like to be clout chasing, Stevo Simple Boy, shared a very controversial post online, and he said that people are tagging him on Krg’s post, yet he doesn’t know who Krg the Don is. This was a form of insult and it was linked to the topic that was trending online, where most Kenyans claimed that they don’t know Krg’s music.

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As expected Krg the Don decided to fireback at Stivo. Speaking in an interview with Nicholas Kioko, Krg the Don said that he knows Stivo Simple Boy very well , but he has never meet him in person.

The Don said that  Stivo Simple Boy is very ugly and he resembles a scarecrow. He said that the only job, he can offer him, is employing him to one of his farms so that he can scare birds and animals that are destroying his crops.

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He said that Stivo has a very long way to go. He is in Nairobi yet they have never met, meaning that he is still struggling to make it. He went on and warned Stivo that if he continues insulting him, he will bring his music career to an end.

Krg said that he has destroyed many people who have been hitting out at him, and most of them are now suffering and struggling in life. He urged Stivo to just show him some respect or else he won’t like it because he is just about to start hitting out at him.

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