Yesu wa Tongaren’s Daughter Deborah( City Mortuary Cook), Gets A Well Paying Mortuary Job in Tanzania

Deborah Wekesa lands into a well paying mortuary job

The first born daughter to Yesu Wa Tongaren, Deborah Wekesa is a very happy woman again, this is after she landed into a very amazing deal in one of the biggest mortuaries in Tanzania.

Deborah Wekesa went viral on social media pages, after she decided to reveal the dark side of the self proclaimed Jesus, from Bungoma, Yesu Wa Tongaren. She revealed that her father used to be a drunkard and one day he drunk 5 litres of illicit brew, and this interfered with his brain.

He then chased her, her brother and her mum, claiming that he doesn’t know them. After that he started calling himself Jesus, he managed to brainwash people and make them believe that he is Jesus.

After sharing that story, Deborah also shared a story of her life and how working as a cook at City Mortuary was not that comfortable. She pleaded with well wishers to come through for her and atleast offer her another well paying job.

God answered her prayers, a well wisher from Tanzania, came through, and offered her a well paying job in one of the biggest morgues in Tanzania. She is now an upgraded mortuary cook. She is going to be receiving a good salary and she is optimistic that her life won’t be the same again.

Deborah said that she is planning to leave the country and she is sure that this will help her to support her mum and also her brother. She also appreciated kenyans for showing her love, and also encouraging her .

Click here to watch full video on YouTube.

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