Size 8 : Why I’m Unable to Get Pregnant Again.

Size 8 reveals the main reason why she can't get pregnant again.

Children are gifts from God and we all love them. For Size 8 the dream of getting another child is like a death threat to her. So she won’t get another child in her remaining lifespan.

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Why Size 8 is unable to get Pregnant again.

Speaking in an interview with Nicholas Kioko, the singer decided to reveal to the public why she won’t conceive again.

“Kupata mimba ni kama death threat kwangu, Siwezi tamani” Size 8.

The health conditions she is battling with.

She said that currently she is battling with high blood pressure. It is something that has made her get admitted in hospital several times.

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Singer Size 8 undergoing surgery in hospital

What happens when Size 8 gets pregnant.

The singer said when she gets pregnant, her pressure usually rises. Her even goes to over 200% and this can even lead to death.

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She said during her first pregnancy she almost miscarriaged Wambo due to high blood pressure. The same thing happened to Junior who was born before 9 months and she almost died due to high blood pressure.

How she almost died while carrying her 3rd pregnancy.

Her third pregnancy was even more worse, despite the child loosing his life. Size 8 was also in a situation whereby she was battling with her life too. The singer revealed that in March 2022 she almost died. It is by Gods grace that she is alive because her pressure suddenly went higher.

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For all those reasons, Size 8 said that she won’t get pregnant or give birth again because to her it is like death threat. Currently she is on strict medication and she is praying to God that things will get better in the coming years.

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