Asoro Comedian : I’m Suffering From Lack of twa twa, I have Reduced my Dowry to ksh. 15 Million.

Asoro Comedian has revealed the reasons why she has decided to reduce her dowry price from ksh. 20 Million to ksh. 15 Million

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Asoro Comedian has decided to reduce her dowry price from ksh. 20 million to ksh. 15 Million because of lack of conjugal rights. The Comedian  said that she is ready to loose her virginity to a man who will pay that amount of money.

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Who is Asoro Comedian?

Asoro Comedian
Asoro Comedian /Photo Courtesy.

Asoro is one of the upcoming comedian and tiktoker. She went viral on tiktok and Jk Sirkal and Jalang’o discovered that she has a talent and decided to support her. She currently does comedy skits both on Tiktok and Youtube. Her real name is Pamela Asoro and she is from Nyanza.

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Why Asoro Comedian Said her Dowry is ksh. 20 Million.

Asoro said that her dowry price is Ksh. 20 Million because she has never slept with any man. Asoro said that she is a very pure virgin girl from the village. In Kenya they are called “kienyejiii girls”. Asoro said that she is worth that amount of money, because it is difficult to find a girl of her age virgin. She also said that she is God fearing and she can adapt to any life.

Why Asoro has reduced her dowry to ksh. 15 Million.

Asoro has been forced to reduce her dowry to ksh. 15 Million because of ‘dryspell’ or lack of conjugal rights. Asoro said that since revealing he dowry, men have not been hitting up on her. She said that the weather is also unforgiving and she is really suffering. Asoro Comedian said that she is very much ready to loose her virginity to any man who will pay ksh. 15 Million. She urged men to stop fearing her.

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Watch the full video here (courtesy of Empire entertainment).


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