Inside Uhuru Kenyatta’s Ksh.700 Million Mansion With Bullet Proof  Windows,Next to State House.

Uhuru Kenyatta's ksh.700Million Mansion

Uhuru Kenyatta’s ksh.700 Million Mansion, is going to be his new home after leaving the State House. Ruto is now the new occupant of, the State House, where Uhuru Kenyatta resided for, 10 years.

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About Uhuru Kenyatta’s  Ksh.700 Million Mansion.

This posh mansion is just standing next to the State House. The Mansion was constructed in 2015, and the construction was done under strict preferences by the former president himself.

Unlike some of the former president’s houses that were funded by government, Uhuru Kenyatta did this by his own money . The  mansion is worth Ksh.700Million, and it has very amazing features.

Features of the Mansion.

It is built using the modern technology. The mansion is protected by CCTV camera’s all over and GSU security that guard it for 24 hours. It is fenced with a concrete wall, a high tech electric fence.For security purposes, the house has bullet proof windows ,and also an alarm system.

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Exact number of rooms aren’t known, but the mansion has 2 wings. One sing has a swimming pool , and the other one has a helipad to receive the retired president and his visitors.

Ground floor contains a living room and dining room, kitchenette and more offices while the upper floor possesses three spacious bedrooms and others.
In addition to this, the bungalow has a very large lounge, to accomodate many delegations and guests. It has a jacuzzi and the environment is very cool and conducive.

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Remember Uhuru Kenyatta has three other houses that he can choose to stay. one in Ichweri Kiambu, Mansion in Kajiadoo and a Mansion in Nakuru County.

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