Shocking Prophecy: How William Ruto Prophesied His Presidency at the age of 23 Years.

How William Ruto Prophesied his presidency 32 years ago.

A shocking story of how William Ruto Prophesied his presidency, at the age of 23 has gone viral. It has revealed that all dreams are valid, and there is always light at the end of every tunnel.

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Lee Njiru Narrating How William Ruto Prophesied his presidency.

One of the veterans that worked unde Moi’s regime , has come openly to reveal that Ruto had dreams of becoming a president. Lee Njiru said that at the age of 23 years, which is 32 years ago, Ruto prophesied to lead Kenya one day.

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They had gone to meet Daniel Moi at JKIA . Ruto was among the delegation that saluted the late president and welcomed him. Immediately Moi left, Ruto told Lee Njiru to watch this space and give him time, one day he will rule this country. He will be saluted like moi at JKIA.

According to Lee Njiru , that is how William Ruto Prophesied his presidency. It has however come to pass, and now he is the 5th president of Kenya. Lee Njiru now wants Ruto to make sure he does what he promised him. Which was to be saluted like Moi at JKIA , while coming from international duties.

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He also wants the president, to be the president of all Kenyans and not to discriminate anyone . Lee Njiru is optimistic that William Ruto will rule Kenya very well.
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