Iam Marwa : God Has Made Me A Millionaire, I’m Not In Illuminati.

Kenyan content creator, who is currently enjoying the success of his hardwork, Iam Marwa was forced to clarify on his wealth,and also open up on being in Illuminati or devil worshipper claims.

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After Marwa completed building his multimillion, mansion, in his village, his villagers, that is the people of Nabuyanza area, started linking him to illuminati. Because he has become successful at his younger age, and did something that people who are three times old his age have been unable to do.

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Speaking in an interview on Jalang’o tv, Iam Marwa was forced to make things clear. He said that all his success he has achieved it through God. He has been to over 200 different countries across the world, and in all of them he has been creating content.

He has fans globally and most people who stream his videos on YouTube are from USA, meaning he earns alot of money compared to many Kenyan content creators who are based locally.
His fans have been coming through, especially people in diaspora, have really helped him to complete his villa. The Multimillion Mansion is done, and 80 % of the things have been funded or provided by his fans.

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He said that claims of being a devil worshipper are from haters, and people who don’t believe in working smart and hard. His YouTube channel had over 500,000 subscribers, he is earning millions of money from the channel and in a span of 24 hours, most of his videos surpass 50k views.

He urged Kenyans to also work smart and be prayerful, optimistic, and make sure that they have goals to achieve in this life, because everything has its own perfect time.

Click the link below to watch full video on YouTube.

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